2001 Honda Odyssey Custom Roof Rack w/ Tracks

17 07 2010

Today in Minneapolis its 90 degrees, sunny, calm, and a perfect day to spend outdoors.  Whether you enjoy spending your time on the water, camping at one of Minnesota’s many campgrounds, or just relaxing at the beach, Rack Attack is here to help transport you and everything you need to your favorite summer time spots.

2001 Honda Odyssey ready for 2 canoes

In preparation for the beautiful weekend approaching this Honda Odyssey owner stopped in here at Rack Attack Twin Cities to get his vehicle set up to haul his 2 canoes.  With his load being long, wide, and heavy he turned to the braniacs here at Rack Attack to build him a system capable of correctly hauling his canoes to and fro.  Because stability is an issue of concern with a load like this we got him set up with a custom track installation.  The extra long roof of the Odyssey allowed for us to install some HUGE 72″ tracks that will allow for a 5’+ bar spread!  A track installation also allows the user to shorten the bar spread for smaller accessories (bikes, snowsports, etc.) or completely remove everything except the track.

Thule 430 Towers and 72" Tracks

To complete the base rack setup we added to the tracks the Thule TK1 kit as well as Thule 430 towers.  Because this particular customer was going to be putting 2 full size canoes on top of the vehicle we chose to use some massive 78″ Thule load bars equipped with 2 sets of Yakima Gunwale brackets to hold the canoes in place.  This setup is far superior to the old fashioned foam block on the roof type setup because not only does it keep the canoe from resting directly on the roof (and potentially scratching it), but it holds it snugly in place to prevent any damage to the canoe itself.

Yakima Gunwale brackets fit perfectly on the Thule load bars with only a slight modification

If you’ve an extra large load of gear to haul around and can’t quite figure out exactly how to get it from here to there without completely destroying your vehicle call or stop by any of Rack Attacks 9 locations throughout the US and Canada and have one of our brainiac rack experts show you how a custom track installation can improve the functionality and versatility of your otherwise unusable rooftop.

2001 Honda Odyssey complete with a roof rack.

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