Mazda 3 Aluminum Rust-proof Roof Rack

14 09 2010

Here in Minnesota, winter is long and cold, the people kind and stalwart, and the roads are salty.  While the salt makes the roads driveable in the winter, it also makes one thing a lot worse.  RUST.

Fortunately, when it comes to your roof rack, you don’t have to worry. With the Thule Rapid Aerobars, the roof rack is made of rust-proof aluminum.   The Aero system is lighter, stronger, and more aerodynamic, so not only is it rust-proof, it’s also an all around great rack.  And thanks to its aerodynamic shape, the Rapid Aerobar is quieter than the average bar.

This brand new Mazda owner new just what to do to get his roof racked-out.  He called up Rack Attack. The car came straight from Liz at Walser Mazda into our open bay doors.  Then we promptly threw on the best rack system money can buy.

Luckily for us, most new Mazdas come directly from the factory with mounting points for the rack, so attaching and removing the rack is as simple as screwing in a bolt. The Thule Podium Aero can mount directly to this Mazda 3’s roof with the 3069 Fit Kit, and the 47″ Rapid Aero Bars go across between the towers. Then anything from bike racks, to boat racks to boxes can be mounted right on the roof without scratching the paint or interfering with the weatherstripping.  This is a prime example of the auto manufacturer working together with Thule to provide the best possible rack, and this is it: The 100% rust proof Thule Rapid Aero system!

Mazda 3 with a hitch and a rack…

9 07 2010

The Mazda 3 definitely has some zoom-zoom in it, but with the added luxury of a hitch from Curt and an awesome Whispbar roof rack from Pro Rack, this Mazda 3 is ready to Zoom (note the capital ‘Z’) into the next century!

This Mazda 3 is now ready to quietly haul some bikes!

The Whispbars look really sleek on the Mazda 3 roof, and having the quietest bars on the market will allow this proud owner to sneak up on even the most attentive Porsche (everyone knows Porsches have excellent hearing, right.)  Not only that, but she won’t even know she’s driving!  Every time she gets out of her vehicle, she’ll be surprised to find that she has arrived at her destination with nary a sound divulged to indicate her transit.  Whether sneaking up on the competition, or just testing her ears she’ll do it all with only a whisp-ber.

They’re so quiet, you almost can’t see them!

With the addition of a hitch on this fine vehicle the owner is ready to do all that a Mazda 3 can do!  Installing this hitch was relatively easy; the only caveat to that statement was fishing bolts through the frame – not the easiest thing in the world.  It was all worth it in the end, however, as now the owner of this fine vehicle is prepared to haul bikes, skis, or whatever else she can think of that will attach to the 1 1/4″ receiver.  Life is Grand!

This Mazda 3 is hitched and ready!

A Mazda 3 can carry a Canoe

5 07 2010

Today we had a customer who needed to be able to carry a canoe to his favorite lake up North to do a little fishing.  His brother-in-law from Portland, where he has had a custom installation done at our Portland store, was visiting town and gave him the referral to our new store.  Now thats good buisness, Thanks.  His vehicle is the Mazda 3 sedan with a fairly short roof, and he was concerned about weight limits and the bar spread being long enough to carry a long canoe.

As you can see, a short roof with a highly curved profile

Fortunately, Mazda equips most of their vehicles with fixed point Bolt-on mounts right from the factory.  We used the Yakima Control Towers with Landing Pad 11 feet, designed for use with Mazda factory mounts.  With the base rack in place, all this fit needed was a method of carrying the canoe, so we used the Yakima Gunwale brackets as a canoe specific securement accessory, that can also be used for various wide load applications.   This system is really convenient, as well as easy to install, and provides a full 165lb. carrying capacity.

Low Profile and can still carry a boat!

looks sleek and very versatile

Just another example of our ability to set up most any vehicle to help you enjoy your favorite outdoor activies.  We hook you up well, and we do it with style.

Another happy car!


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